Oh, America! Oh, America!! Canst thou not exercise the very same sense of superiority and exceptionalism that thou dost proclaim so vigorously at any other time, when it’s time to fight racism and white supremacy???

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Oh, America! How great thou art! Right? Surely you can listen as your 35th president pleaded back in 1963, “Now the time has come for this nation to fulfill its promise”. And coming fresh off the heels of 2020, is it still too soon, too much to ask???

Or wouldst thou rather continue to perpetuate the schemes which ensures that in every single instance, with…

Understand that white supremacy will ALWAYS align itself with white supremacy unless white supremacy openly shames white supremacy and attacks something that white supremacy holds dear (i.e., property, ideologies, institutions, and symbols).

When this happens, all efforts will move towards protecting the ego of white supremacy by protecting its reputation.

How does this play out?
· Shock of the event
· Denial of what it really was/is
· Outrage at the affront
· Refusal to call itself into full accountability
· Blaming anything other than itself

Laying accusation at the very feet of those it oppresses, white supremacy will never acknowledge the harm that it has done.

White supremacy is a Corporation. It will always be most consumed with presenting a pristine image of itself, disregarding the muck and mire it has…

It’s time we tell the truth too.

The incomparable year of 2020 will undoubtedly go down in the history books as one of the most embattled years ever. It drew a line in the sand for us all. Innumerable world issues — cultural, social, economic, environmental, and political have been waxing not just for years but for centuries. And this year, it seems to have all come to a head and then exploded.

For many, 2020 also came with a personal crisis as we faced the death of loved ones, disease, job loss, divorce, diametrical points of view, the stress and isolation of quarantine, and the lingering…

It happens everywhere. It has happened at every company (including the №1 company of the world), where I have ever been employed for the past 20 years of my corporate career and more.

Whatever you want to call it: racism, discrimination, unconscious bias, micro-aggressions, power prejudices. It goes by many different names, but the face is still the same. All of it is wrong, and these behaviors all wreak haunting and permanent damage to a person. When all you want is to simply do your job and do it well, a Black person is faced with so many hurdles to jump over, just to make it through the day. This is all before you can even begin dealing with common workplace challenges, such as equal pay, proper female representation, lack of resources, and…

Chioma K Iheanacho

After a lifetime spent in Corporate America, I’m finding the freedom to voice my stories. May your life be enhanced or positively transformed, by what I share.

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